1. Amii Stewart: „Knock on wood“
  2. X: „Beyond and back“
  3. The White Stripes: „Fell in love with a girl“
  4. Billie Holiday: „Summertime“
  5. Concha Buika: „Se me escapan las palabras“
  6. Dorrey Lin Lyles live: „Let the good times roll“
  7. Dorrey Lin Lyles live: „Lean on me“
  8. Dorrey Lin Lyles live: „I just want to make love to you“
  9. BLACTRO ft. Dorrey Lin Lyles: ”I believe I can fly“
  10. Pil: „This is not a love song“
  11. Rio Reiser: „Für immer und Dich“
  12. Bruce Springsteen: „Oh Mary, don’t you weep“