Playlist 14.11.2015

  1. The Love Keys: „Bolo Jai Bhagavan“
  2. The Clash: „Dirty Punk“
  3. Candid: „Remember“
  4. Die Ärzte: „El cattivo“
  5. Irma Thomas: „Breakaway“
  6. Afua Danso: „I just want to make love to you“
  7. Afua Danso live: „“
  8. Afua Danso live: „Imagine“ (John Lennon)
  9. The Kills: ”The good ones“
  10. Bad Religion: „Generator“
  11. Data Kehr: „Vergiftet“
  12. The Love Keys: „Suddhosi Buddhosi“


Playlist 31.10.2015

  1. Moop Mama: „Liebe“
  2. The Marvelettes: „Please Mr. Postman“
  3. The Andrews Sisters: „Rum and Coca-Cola“
  4. Aretha Franklin: „I say a little prayer“
  5. Ulrike Haller live: „UH2 day is your day“
  6. Ulrike Haller live: „Tears dry on their own“
  7. Ulrike Haller live: „Everlasting love“
  8. The Jackson Five: „I want you back“
  9. Bill Withers: ”Just the two of us“
  10. Lady Moustache: „Carry the load“
  11. Ton Steine Scherben: „Die Einheitsfront“ (Bertolt Brecht)
  12. Quetschenpaua: „Ku’damm burning“


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